sweet sixteen.

Well, I’m very behind in keeping my blog up to date. However, my summer’s been busy with babysitting my sister and hanging out with my family, that I haven’t been thinking much of what I can upload onto my blog. But, I’m back, and am ready to share about one of the most memorable days… Read More sweet sixteen.


Finally, after a year of procrastinating, I’ve found the time to write about one of my developing passions — typography (or calligraphy.) Over the past year, my interest in graphic design has skyrocketed, and I have fallen in love with the art of turning words into well… art. 😛 I have downloaded a few fonts… Read More TYPOGRAPHY | 01


A couple weeks ago during Easter, I had some fun taking some photos with two of my closest friends.  Soaking up the sun surrounded by children and parents in a playground, we found this white wall that we thought would be perfect for a bit of a photoshoot.  Though we are far from being anything close to… Read More WHITE WALL.