It’s been about a month since I became a sophomore in high school, and I just texted a friend a couple days ago about how I can’t believe that I’m actually half way through my high school journey.

At my school, high school begins in grade 8, so it’s shocking for me to realize that I’m heading towards my final years of secondary education.  It’s weird to think that I have more experience than the grade eights and nines but yet the elevens and twelves still know more about navigating through high school life than I do at this point.

A friend once told me that the word sophomore actually means wise fool, and to be honest, I have made some mistakes these past couple years, but I’ve definitely picked up pieces of wisdom along the way.  🙂

So if you’re reading this and you’re a freshman in high school, or whether your halfway, or even graduated, I hope you can relate or take something from my experience.

  1. People in older grades aren’t as scary as you think.  Just because their older doesn’t necessarily mean that their not nice people who will not be willing to help you out with some questions you may have about high school, life, or anything. Don’t be afraid to make new friends in other grades.  Talk and get to know them.  You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from their experiences.
  2. Your group of friends is going to change.  After graduating from grade 7, I thought I’d remain close with all my friends in elementary.  I honestly don’t think I’ve been more wrong in my life.  Although I’ve had a couple friends who have stood by my side since then, I’d be lying if I said I still talked to all of them on a regular basis.  My circle keeps changing but I know it’s definitely grown in size.  Don’t be surprised when people come, go, or change.  You learn something from everyone who walks into your life.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers.  At my school, I know I’m blessed to say that I’m comfortable with all my teachers.  I don’t mind dropping by their classrooms during after school hours to ask for homework help, for advice, or just to ask how their doing.  It turns out that you can learn things outside a textbook from them.  Sure, the homework they give can get frustrating, but I’ve learned to appreciate the effort they put into teaching us.  Not everyone is as fortunate as you/me to receive an education.  Don’t take it for granted. 🙂
  4.  Listen to Rihanna’s advice and work work work work work… All kidding aside, work hard.   Put your best effort into completing homework and schoolwork.  It feels so satisfying seeing your hard work paid off in grades, report cards, and at award ceremonies.
  5. Set goals. And reach them.  Something that helps me stay motivated throughout the school year is a list of goals I want to achieve during the school year.  I like feeling proud and accomplished after each school year ends and I always try to find ways to improve myself for the upcoming school year.
  6. Choose your friends wisely.  All the fights, drama, and emotional breakdowns that are commonly stereotyped to happen in high school can be avoided.  It all boils down to how you behave around the people you spend time with.  Be with people who bring out the best in you.
  7. Don’t rush or force yourself into a relationship.  Yea, yea.  Love, crushes, heartbreaks, and butterflies in the stomach – we’ve all been there… There will be people you develop feelings for during this four/five year period of your life and you might just be convinced that their the one.   You are no longer a child in which you believe that girls are the enemy or that boys have cooties.  But you’re way too young to truly understand the unending sacrifice and commitment that a marriage or even a relationship requires.  At this point, take things slow.  It’s not wrong to have feelings or think a certain way about someone, but you should know that actions have consequences, and you definitely do not want certain consequences to have a negative affect on your life later on.  Be smart, and decide if whether that person is really worth the risk of heartbreak and rejection later on.
  8. Get involved.  Whether sports, arts, music, or leadership, find something that your school offers that you think you’d enjoy.  Life is too short to not do what you love.  High school is a good time to find what you’re truly passionate about and discover what you want to pursue later on.  Find ways to leave a positive impact on the community around you.  Inspire others.  Realize that life should be lived with good intentions in order to leave a good legacy.
  9. Fear God.  Proverbs 9:10 states, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”   There have been times I’ve run into these past couple years in which I felt lost or confused, and just wanted to be a kid again.  But c’est la vie, and to experience struggles and difficulties is part of being human.  It’s a given that youth can be a misleading stage without proper guidance and support.  I’ve realized that I need God to be my rock not just throughout my high school years, but all my life.  He’s the only One who can provide me proper direction throughout the winding roads I’ve encountered these past two years and guide me through them in perfect peace.
  10. Know that High School is only the beginning.  You may have heard the term commencement used at graduation ceremonies.  As grade 12 marks the finish line of your first 12 years of education, there’s still so much in store for your life.  The word commencement means start.  Maybe you’ll get into a college or university, get a prestigious job, earn lots of money, and raise a family.  Maybe you’ll travel the world.  Maybe you’ll find a cure for cancer.  Possibilities for a future are endless.


So, 2 years down and 2 more to go.  I don’t know what God has in store for me after this chapter ends.  I just hope that it will be one for the books.

Love always,




About a couple months ago, I was considering deleting this blog because I felt that its overall appearance and design did not match the passion I pour into my content.  I’ve always been the creative type and I aspire to become a graphic designer after I finish high school so the way my blog used to look really irritated me.

I actually made a new blog on Wix.com, and found out that I was able to give my blog the look I wanted it to have.  At first, I was ecstatic, knowing that I could be happy with one of the major aspects of my blog, but I realized I wasn’t.  

Unlike WordPress, Wix did not give all my readers the option to comment, subscribe, and even like any of my posts.  I soon realized that my move from one platform to another was all in vain and without the feedback I receive from you all, I know I’d lose the will to pursue this blog.

With the long weekend off from school, I was able to toy around with WordPress and see what customizations I could work with.  It’s not yet exactly what I want, but I’m definitely happy with it for now.  What matters most is that my creativity shines through what I post.

So yeah, this post is quite rambly. 🙂 But I’m just glad to be back on WordPress, back to blogging, and back to all of you.



Since Thanksgiving is just right around the corner, and I just wanted to share 15 things that God has blessed me with that help me love life a little more everyday.

My family 

I wouldn’t be here (literally) without my family’s unending love and utmost support.  Mom and Dad, thank you for being living examples of what it looks like to be servants of God in all you do, and putting me and my siblings first each and everyday of our lives.  Words don’t suffice.  I’m truly, truly, truly thankful for all the sacrifices and endless hours of work you do to make sure I have more than I need. ❤  Andrei and Aliyah, you both are the joys of my life despite our little moments.  I know I don’t say this often, but I’m so honoured to be your sister.  I hope I can influence you both positively and in a way that brings all glory, honour, and praise to our Lord.  Keep seeking after Jesus, I’m so proud of you two.

My friends

Dear friends, I love you all to the moon and back.  Thank you for the laughs, memories, and for putting up with me.  I hold so much love for you in my heart.  I specifically want to thank Raluca, Yakira, Nathan, and Victoria.  I don’t know life without you guys.  You are my rock.  Thank you for all your encouragement and support through good times and bad, especially through the moments I couldn’t navigate through on my own.  I heard Jesus tell me that he loves me so vividly when he placed you guys by my side. ❤

Mission Trip to Mexico

 I have no words to describe how much this experience means to me.  I truly witnessed the love of God in a way I never had before.  I’m so thankful for all the hours I spent travelling with my team and all the little jokes and secrets we shared, as well as the incredible bonds I made with them throughout the week.  I will never forget the kindness and hospitality displayed by the OLOC staff, the smiles and hugs I received from the kids I met, and building a home for such an amazing family.

Being elected on to Student Council 

Growing up shy and extremely afraid of people, never would have I thought that one day I’d be on the student council.  We’ve had numerous meetings and a couple events over the course of this month, and I can’t describe what a blessing it has been to serve my high school body among amazing people.  There is never a dull moment when I’m with my fellow SC members and I’m so excited for the work that God will do through us this year.

First summer job

Yup.  I was determined to get a job this summer and it was even one of the items on my summer bucket list.  I was aiming to get into retail but God unexpectedly brought me to a job where I’d be able to improve my people skills by befriending an international student for two weeks.  This was an amazing experience and my summer would have not been the same without it. 🙂

A new home

I moved into my new home a little over 4 months ago now.  It has only been through the prayer and support of my friends, my prayer hub group, and my parents’ friends.  In His timing, God gave us this new home right when we needed it.

Being able to finish last school year well

Okay, okay.  Now I’m really not trying to be cocky or anything, but I was definitely happy with how I ended my grade 9 year – not just from an academic standpoint, but socially and spiritually as well.  I’m only hoping for the same kind of satisfaction this school year.

Ms. Eu

This woman is nothing short of my role model, mentor, and inspiration.  She taught me the power and importance of prayer in a very genuine way.  I look forward coming into Prayer Hub meetings every Wednesday afternoon just to experience God’s presence with her and all my friends who come to the meetings.  Prayer Hub is one of the places where I can let myself be vulnerable, and share my concerns and praises with those around me.  It’s always been a safe place for my weary soul to crash; and it restores the refreshing life the Holy Spirit provides when I’m weak and troubled in me.

Ashley, Weiling, & Hayley 

These three girls have been like older sisters to me.  There were times in this year where I felt confused and lost, and needed direction.  You three have always given me the advice I needed to pick myself up and steer myself back onto the right path.

Mr. Brandsma

I may have graduated from grade 7 almost three years ago, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped learning things from my seventh grade teacher.  Thank you for always leaving your classroom door open for me just to pop in and ask you how things are doing.  Thanks for all the wisdom and advice you’ve given me even as I venture through the highs and lows of high school.  Thank you for also buying me a book each year to help me learn what I believe and why.  I’m so touched that you still think of me after all this time.

Mr. Hinz

You were so much more than an amazing Bible teacher.  Not only did my faith strengthen because of the lessons you’d teach, but I clearly remember a certain point in time in which I experienced a circumstance where I needed guidance from somebody like you.  I could never thank you enough for the times you’d let me come to your desk after school and be in a state of complete confusion and you’d listen intently, helping me figure out things that were completely out of my control.  You helped me trust God during this interesting time in my life, and I’ve emerged out of that chapter, a happier and wiser person all because of you. 🙂

Christian Perspectives and HCE 9 

Bible and Health and Career were no doubt my favourite courses.  I’m so glad that I have the privilege of going to a school in which I can say the name of my God freely without the fear of humiliation and rejection.  There’s nothing more satisfying to me than knowing more about God, His Word, and the plans He has for me.

New found passions

This year, I got really interested with typography and poetry.  I’ve always been the creative type, but I never really thought that these 2 forms of art would be something I’d enjoy doing in my life.


You’re the closest thing I’ve had to a younger sister around my age.  We’ve only been close for the past year and a half but I can’t tell you what it means to have you in my life.  I’m so glad that I get to experience high school with you this year and although we may only be one month into the school year, I actually feel so much closer to you than before.  We’ve experienced earthquakes, blackouts (literally), and other dark times together, but we’ve also experienced moments in light, sunshine, and happiness.  Thanks for putting up with all my crazy stories and texts and for letting me tease you from time to time 😛 I love you and am keeping you in the core of my heart. ❤

My blog and all my readers ❤ 

After I decided to quit my blog on WordPress when I was 10, I never thought I’d come back and make a new blog and learn to express myself in ways I didn’t think I needed to display.  I’ve learned so much more about myself through this blogging journey and can’t thank all of you who’ve been part of it to help me get to this point.   I hope its only forward from here.  Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! ❤  Beyond thankful for you.

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I used to have an ask.fm account, and a question that would usually pop up on my feed in which I could read my friends’ questions and answers, was something along the lines of “Write three anonymous notes.”  Well, that’s not really a question, but I guess you can get the gist of what whoever was asking was demanding.

Right now, I thought of doing something kind of interesting and unique on my blog.  So as you can tell from the title, I’m going to be writing letters to three anonymous people.   Have fun trying to figure out which letter’s for who. 🙂

Letter #1

Dear ___,

Maybe it’s been about a year since I’ve last seen you.  I remember how seeing you that day was so out of the blue.  You unexpectedly approached me with a smile and I returned your kind, welcoming gesture.  You gave me a hug, and then you went on your way.  If only you knew how happy I was to see you.  It probably had been about half a year since I’ve last seen you before then.  But even at that time, we already knew that we wouldn’t be seeing each other around much often anymore.   We were already growing apart and our friendship was starting to fade into a memory.  It was tough on both of us.  I didn’t think that a lack of communication and a stream of disagreements and fights would sever the connection we once had.  It’s so weird to scroll down my Instagram feed, see one of your photos, and subconsciously remember you as my former best friend.  But in all honesty, I’m glad to see that you’re doing well.  I still wish nothing but the best for you.  After all, the memories that I’ve made with you are still some of the best I ever had.  I guess one thing I’ll always remember learning from our friendship is that sometimes, growing up means growing apart.  I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the lessons I’ve learned from everything we’ve gone through.  If I could tell you anything right now, I’d say that I don’t hold on to the bitterness that divided us.  When you gave me that hug the last time our paths crossed, all I was holding on to was the friend I once had.  Thank you for your part in my life and I hope I had a role in yours too.  I miss you.

~ Ainah

Letter #2

Dear ___,

I don’t remember the last time I’ve contacted you.  I know it probably hasn’t been too long, but for some reason, it feels like it’s been a very long while.  I think that’s because it was only a few months ago when I really did pour out all my heart and soul into caring for you.  Back then, you also did the same…  I’m sorry that the way you were starting to treat me was a little bit too much for me.  I was young, naive, and I didn’t realize that sometimes even love needs limits until you stepped into my life.  I never would have thought you would unfold all your deep dark secrets before me.  You made me feel important, special, and needed.  You were always there when I needed somebody just to listen.  I’m sorry that I never had all the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.  I did not experience life the way you have.  I’m sorry that I had to cut ends with you for a short period of time. With the help of some trusted advisers and friends, I know where I should stand in your life.  I’m going to be seeing you again soon.  I hope you’ve been doing well this past period of time.  I hope you know that I am very thankful that you are my friend.


Letter #3

Dear ___,

Hello. It’s me again.  This is probably my fourth or fifth time writing to you and it’s funny how you never knew about my correspondence with my idea of you.  Only one other person in the world besides me knows about all these letters that have never reached you and never will.   I was reading my last little note to you and I smiled, and thought to myself, “Wow, things have changed.” Things have definitely changed for not just the good, or for the better, but for the best.  You’re still in my life today and to me, that really matters.  Each letter I’ve written to you displayed a little bit of my soul searching for more of yours.  It’s interesting how sometimes things we want come when we realize that we can still live life if we gave them up.  I’ve learned to separate fantasy from real life.  I’ve moved past that point in time where I felt like I needed to predict or control where we were going.  I’ve realized that for a very, very long while I seemed to sabotage reality for the sake of fiction.  I’ve learned to be more honest with myself and you.  I feel like I understand you more now.  So, thank you for teaching me that I can’t always get what I want in life.  I may never really know why, but I have to trust that I’ll end up in a good place later on.  I’m there right now.  I don’t mean that everything in my life right now is clear, but I’m happy.  I think you know that.  I think you know that you’re…just a friend to me now, and to my surprise, you mean so much more to me than you did before.






reading: visual theology: seeking and understanding the truth about God, by Tim Challies and Josh Byers… don’t judge me… please, i am not very avid reader, but i know for sure this book is worth the read.

writing: this! aaaand, i’m also trying to find inspiration for future poems.  i am really, really, really starting to LOVE poetry.  it’s a passion i developed recently, but something about being able to express anything in a structured form of words just… satisfies me.  🙂

listening: i made a cover of a song last night with a friend… i’ve been listening to it just to make sure it’s good enough to upload on here.  man, i’m really stepping out of my comfort zone, eh? hopefully i don’t embarass myself.  #yikes

thinking: it’s my birthday tomorrow? wait, what??? i can’t be 15 yet.  no, i can’t take this in.  life’s been a wild journey, but knowing I have Jesus, wonderful family and friends, just makes living worth it.

smelling: i actually think i don’t have a sense of smell… i should remove this off my Wednesday Currently entries.

wishing: for my 15th year to be a year of God’s love and blessings evident in my life, to make lots more memories with the people i love, and make a mark on this world, somehow.

hoping: for just a wonderful time with a couple friends tomorrow! (depending if someone wants to walk all the way down to the mall… but it’s okay if you don’t 🙂 )

wearing: pink top & black shorts.

loving: THE SUN IS BACK! i’m sooo glad that the weather has cleared up for my special day.

wanting: to make my 15th year the best yet.

needing: more film for my polaroid!

feeling: grateful and excited 🙂

QUOTE OF THE MID-WEEK: “He who started a good work in you will carry it to completion.” – Phil. 1:6

I’M SORRY THAT THIS IS LATE, please forgive me!!