shaved ice @ bubble world

this summer, my family and I finally tried a dessert that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of months.  i would see many of my friends posting pictures of shaved ice or bingsoo, however you refer to it, on different platforms of social media, and i was ecstatic to try it out on my own.

i absolutely loved it! i believe that it’s a great treat when you would like to cool off in the heat of summer days.  it’s SO refreshing and i personally love eating it with toppings such as pearls and mango.  i would definitely recommend for anyone who hasn’t tried shaved ice to put it on their bucket list for this summer.  with this kind of weather, i don’t think shaved ice can disappoint. 🙂

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sweet sixteen.

Well, I’m very behind in keeping my blog up to date. However, my summer’s been busy with babysitting my sister and hanging out with my family, that I haven’t been thinking much of what I can upload onto my blog. But, I’m back, and am ready to share about one of the most memorable days of my summer this year.

Last month, I turned sixteen.  This age is considered a milestone if you live within North America. 🙂 It’s the age where you can learn how to drive.  It’s the unwritten age that states that you are no longer a kid anymore.  You begin to realize that even after encompassing childhood, you still have a whole life ahead of you.

After most of my friends decided to celebrate their “sweet sixteen” with parties with lots of their friends, I decided that I wanted to do the same.  Planning for my birthday wasn’t all that easy as we had some issues booking the venue and co-ordinated everything within 2 weeks of the actual party!

Anyways, I had such a memorable time with my family and friends. ❤ I’m so so thankful for pouring their love and blessings into my special day.  Big shoutout to my mom and dad, my cousins, my friend Alyssa, and my boyfriend for decorating, baking, doing my make up, and for setting up and cleaning up before and after the celebration.  Aaand, how could I forget thanking all my friends for all the thoughtful gifts they gave me. 🙂

It will be a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. My sixteenth birthday was nothing short of sweet. ❤


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I think the last time I did a post like this was when I first started out my blog this year.  Now doing it for a second time, I think it’s something I want to keep doing continually.  I want my blog to represent the things I stand for  — appreciating those who have poured blessings on blessings into my life being one of them.

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned Janielle in a number of my posts in the past, but it wasn’t until recently I truly realized how much she meant to me.  I’ve finally found my best friend.   My other half.  One of the few people I can truly share anything in my heart with.

I remember a couple years ago when we were starting out as friends, my dad predicted that one day, this younger girl who I barely knew at the time would become my best friend.  Naturally, I did not believe that could come true.  She was one and a half years younger.  I didn’t think we could relate to each other and share life the way we do now.

Through coming to my house almost every week two years ago, our sleepovers, Prayer Hub, having a vacation together, God has brought her so much closer to me than I could have ever imagined.

Janielle, thank you for all the inside jokes, memories, secrets, and advice you’ve given me.  Yes, you may be younger, but I see so much wisdom and strength inside of your young heart.  You continually inspire me to be kind and to draw closer to God.  You are my sister and I can’t tell you what it means to have you in my life.


SO much love for her.

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sister of my soul; friend of my heart 

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1.5 years apart, and she’s only like 1.5 inches shorter than me….

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I live for more times like this. ❤ 



Well another year has come and gone and it’s summer once again.  It’s almost been a year since I started this blog, and I’m proud to say that I think I’ve been making progress with my blogging journey 🙂

So, my grade 10 year absolutely flew by incredibly fast.  It honestly doesn’t feel so long ago since I first started the school year.  I think it was a year of new experiences, new lessons that I’ve learned, extreme stress, a year of change, and a year of growth.  There were extremely happy times, and extremely disappointing and difficult times.  But I’m proud I got through it. 🙂

But, it’s summer now!! 🙂 Time to de-stress,  hang out with friends, catch up on all the sleep I lost this school year, and just reeeeelax.

However, I have no intention of being a couch potato throughout the next two months.  Like last summer, I will be sharing my summer bucket list on my blog. I’m super excited to share what I have in mind for this summer….


  1. Get a job… (I’m so broke)
  2. Learn three new songs on the ukulele
  3. Start a YouTube channel and start regularly vlogging 🙂
  4. Get a head start with Math 11… (not that I want to… it’s definitely more like I need to, not gonna lie…)
  5. Get my learners driver’s license
  6. Read at least 5 books (I’ve gotten so lazy when it comes to reading LOL)
  7. Decorate my bedroom with more pictures
  8. Post on my blog at least once a week!
  9. Work on my French
  10.  Go to the beach at least three times this summer 🙂


That’s all I have! Hope you enjoyed. Can’t wait to blog more about my adventures and accomplishments this summer!







Finally, after a year of procrastinating, I’ve found the time to write about one of my developing passions — typography (or calligraphy.)

Over the past year, my interest in graphic design has skyrocketed, and I have fallen in love with the art of turning words into well… art. 😛

I have downloaded a few fonts onto my laptop this week and started playing around with them.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…



Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 9.15.21 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 9.22.58 PM

With more time on my hands due to summer, I hope to share some more of my works with you all soon. 🙂





A couple weeks ago during Easter, I had some fun taking some photos with two of my closest friends.  Soaking up the sun surrounded by children and parents in a playground, we found this white wall that we thought would be perfect for a bit of a photoshoot.  Though we are far from being anything close to professional photographers, I’m actually happy with how our photos turned out. 🙂 Enjoy some pictures of me and two people who I’ve captured an amazing time with. (Ha, get it… I’m so punny. K bye.) 


We look cooler than we actually are.


“Sister of my soul; friend of my heart.”


Thank you for sticking by me for the past half year. I can’t tell you what it means to have someone like you in my life. #ewmushy 


Yes, those are MY shades.


Thanks for this photo, Janielle!! ❤


Whatta poser.


Candid or nah?


Perfectly imperfect. Yet I still choose to empower the good in me.


SO much love for her.


Dress – Suzy Shier

Cardigan – Ross

Sunglasses – Ross

Shoes – Ardene’s






  1. Wasn’t Expecting That – Jamie Lawson
  2. Running Home To You – Grant Gustin
  3. Wild – Troye Sivan
  4. Happier – Ed Sheeran
  5. Escape – Kehlani
  6. Reborn – Christiane Hubbel
  7. If I Can’t Love Her – Josh Groban
  8. Mercy – Shawn Mendes
  9. The One – Kodaline
  10. Beautiful Day – Jamie Grace

If you take the time to listen to the songs I listened above, you can probably tell that my taste in music is very varied… anyways, enjoy. 🙂