she dreamt of a prince in shining armour,

one that would sweep her off her feet,

one that would bring her roses – and kiss her hand every time he’d greet

she dreamt of her prince, crowning her from head to toe in silver and in gold

spoiling her with jewels and all earth’s treasures, promising nothing less than a luxurious life to behold

she dreamt of her royal suitor, conquering beasts and all sorts of creatures just to win her heart,

she wanted him to be brave, charming, and have wit she’d never be able to outsmart

the princess eventually awakened from her slumber, knowing that a perfect man only exists in the realm of fantasy

but little did she know, that her “happily ever after” would pair her up with someone who makes reality better than her dreams

this boy; he wasn’t all that she expected, and little did the princess know that they were meant to be

but soon, she realized that his flaws didn’t distract his gleaming personality

convinced that there was something about him, from the moment that they met,

she knew that she just had to get to know this boy a little better, for her wandering heart to be content

timid. shy, but kindhearted, to say the least; the scattered minded princess had observed,

he was starting to captivate her heart which she intended to keep reserved

a smile forms on her face, remembering the first time they met,

looking back on that summer day, who would’ve known this could happen?

she holds back her laugh, reminiscing every single moment from the start,

how did someone so unexpected manage to steal her heart?

the boy never had to be a prince to give her the love she always wanted,

he never had to promise her riches to prove that his heart was made out of gold

he never had to slay a single fire-breathing dragon, to prove that he could help her conquer all her fears,

and he could simply make her feel like the happiest girl on earth by just holding her near

the princess crawls into her bed, ready to end another day,

and tonight, she’ll dream of her fairytale love life, and how she’ll always want things to stay this way.







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