About a couple months ago, I was considering deleting this blog because I felt that its overall appearance and design did not match the passion I pour into my content.  I’ve always been the creative type and I aspire to become a graphic designer after I finish high school so the way my blog used to look really irritated me.

I actually made a new blog on Wix.com, and found out that I was able to give my blog the look I wanted it to have.  At first, I was ecstatic, knowing that I could be happy with one of the major aspects of my blog, but I realized I wasn’t.  

Unlike WordPress, Wix did not give all my readers the option to comment, subscribe, and even like any of my posts.  I soon realized that my move from one platform to another was all in vain and without the feedback I receive from you all, I know I’d lose the will to pursue this blog.

With the long weekend off from school, I was able to toy around with WordPress and see what customizations I could work with.  It’s not yet exactly what I want, but I’m definitely happy with it for now.  What matters most is that my creativity shines through what I post.

So yeah, this post is quite rambly. 🙂 But I’m just glad to be back on WordPress, back to blogging, and back to all of you.


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