Well my life has turned upside down this past week, and trying to adjust back into having routines and schedules is a lot easier said than done.

I started grade 10 about two weeks ago, and honestly, I think I can say that it’s been an okay start so far.  We kicked off the start of the school year with a carnival in celebration of my school’s 25th anniversary and I got to face paint kids and hang out with my friends for about 4-5 hours that day.

I can already sense that the work load will be much heavier than last year and I honestly don’t know if I’m prepared.  I’m nervous, but all I can do is work hard and hope for the best.

Student Council has actually been a great experience so far.  Although I’m not exactly sure if I enjoy meeting during lunch on Thursdays, but let me just say that I know with no doubt in my mind that I’ll be serving my school community with a great group of people.  In these couple meetings we’ve had so far, I can sense a positive atmosphere and genuine concern for our high school body in each individual represented on the Council.


Hmm.  Well this is probably the one aspect of school that I’m totally unsure of right now.  To be brutally honest, my circle have friends has drastically changed in the last little while.  I’ve become extremely close to one of the new girls in my grade and have been starting to branch out to another girl I was always friends with who’s also on Student Council but was never really close to.  I’ve started to get a little more comfortable with people outside my grade and I’ve maintained a strong friendship with one guy who was already one of my closest friends last year.

I was expecting to find new friends this year and get closer to people I never really invested in before.  It’s just funny how some people who I thought I would have been tight with forever… have been fading away in many parts of my life.  I never would have thought that yesterday, I would have sent my best friend last school year a text saying, “I miss you.  We should go on a walk together soon.”  There’s no way I’m letting our friendship disintegrate completely, but it’s just …weird, knowing that we barely talk anymore.

So things are shifting and changing, and I’m still trying to find stability in this plane of existence.  But I guess all that matters is that I’m still standing, and I know that there are people who will stand with me in my journey.


2 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL.

  1. eliseoistheunderdog says:

    I hope you are handling your job on Student Council well. It’s nice to know that Fall hasn’t stopped you from making another blog post!


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