Summer’s coming to a close and it’s surreal to me how fast it’s gone by.  From moving two days right after I finished all my finals, renovating and repainting, visiting family and friends occasionally, and starting this blog… I just can’t believe that school is starting again in only a matter of 15 days.

These past two and a half months were definitely a well deserved break from all the stress that came from the 10 months of pure almost non-stop productivity and busy-ness of  student life.  I’ve had plenty of time to rejuvenate, relax, and return to old interests that I barely had time to do before the break.  Just like any other summer, I’ve learned a lot of things that I don’t necessarily obtain from sitting in a classroom.  (But I’ll save those things for another entry 🙂 ) Somehow, these pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up lately have made me feel ready to start a new school year.   It’s so strange how time plays games and makes it feel like I was only in the second grade yesterday.  But I’ll admit that it’s a bit of a struggle to entertain the thought that I’m halfway through my high school journey.  I make a list of goals I want to achieve in every new grade that I enter, and I’m thrilled to be sharing this year’s list with all of you:



  1.  Obtain a cumulative average of 95% (Honours With Distinction.)
  2. Get 1-2 Class Star Awards.


  1. To remember to honour the Lord in all I do.  I know that this may sound vague, but returning glory and praise to the One who deserves it most in this world, is an extremely important thing for me. 🙂
  2. Read the Bible every morning before I go to school.
  3. Go to a Christian youth event with friends.
  4. Join this year’s mission team (again.) ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Be able to organize chapels that will truly impact the hearts of the high school student body.
  2. Be able to organize events that emulate and spread the love of Christ within the high school community.


  1. Make 2 new friends in different grades.
  2. Become closer to people in my grade who are either new or barely an acquaintance at this point in time.

My measure of success is not based on whether I accomplish everything on this list or not. 🙂  This list is just a tool I use to keep myself motivated throughout the school year.  As long as I know I worked hard, tried my best, have fun with friends, and have been able to witness God in one way or another, that’s what makes a good year, a good one. 🙂

I don’t know what this year holds for me yet. But I’m excited for this new beginning.


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