I moved into my new home this past June 25th.  It’s been a great three week stay so far and I couldn’t help but stand in awe of God’s faithfulness to my family as we’ve been in Canada for the last 14 years.  There was never a time we didn’t have a roof over our heads, and for that, I can testify that there is a God who’s providence has been a well kept promise.

I could give you the whole backstory of my family’s life in Canada and share with you details of all the homes we’ve lived in over the years which makes our current one special – but I won’t.   Let’s just say that it’s incredible to look back and realize that my first home here in Canada was a bedroom in a two bedroom apartment that was shared with my grandmother and grandfather, my uncles, and my aunt.  From renting an apartment, to a basement suite, to a condo… living in our own townhouse for the first time has been a blessing that words don’t properly describe.

Space was a huge factor in this last move.  We had been living in a 2 bedroom condo for the past 5 years and as my siblings and I have grown significantly during our time at our old house… we knew that a condo was no longer the right fit – especially for a family of 5, consisting of a teenager, a pre-teen, and a five year old.

This was something I really never liked to admit, but until about three weeks ago…

I never had my own room… 

     I’ve slept on the floor of my parents’ room, shared a bedroom with my grandmother, and most recently, my brother.  I used to be embarrassed of the fact that I didn’t have a space to call my own.  Up until about the middle of March, I was hesitant to invite friends over because I thought they’d ridicule me for not having something so… basic and almost necessary for a growing teen of my age.  I cried out and was almost angry at God… that after almost fifteen years, He still hasn’t granted me something that I didn’t just want, but almost needed… my own room.

   It was during the house build on my mission trip to Mexico when my perspective completely changed.  One of our main projects my team had while we were on the mission field was to build a home for a family of 5 who was on the verge of being homeless because they could not afford to pay for the bedroom they were renting.

   In the midst of all the hammering, nailing, and conversing with the family we were building the home for, I heard God’s still voice inside of my heart telling me that there are people in this world who are happy with less than what I have.  This family was overjoyed with the 400 square foot home they received which was even way smaller than the condo I was previously living in.  Their tears and dropped jaws as they entered each room made my heart melt.  It was then that I told myself that God would provide everything I needed in His perfect timing.   He knew that I needed a room so I knew that I had to decide to trust that He was going to give it to me when I needed it.

   To my surprise, I came home from my mission trip shocked that my parents re-painted our condo, decluttered and got rid of all the junk we didn’t need, and talked to our realtor announcing that we were ready to put our house on the market.  Everything became a whirlwind with our busy schedule especially as we took time to clean our place and run two open houses.  Unexpectedly, God sent us a family who was willing to make an offer by the end of the second open house.  A couple weeks after that, we started searching for a new home.  We originally looked at homes that were brand new and beautiful, but were far away from the school that my mom and siblings were devoted to and even farther from where my dad works.

   As a family, we knew that we had to stay in the city we were in.  We were far too active in the school that is shaping my siblings and I into the people God wants us to be and has just been a workplace that my mom genuinely loves.  We couldn’t imagine being so far away from such a family-like atmosphere especially as it is the 25th anniversary of our school this September and my mom is the events coordinator.

   God eventually lead us to the home we now call our own… It’s about 28 years old, and at first, I wasn’t so impressed.  But it was close to my school and would not affect my dad’s commute to work in a negative way. God humbled me, and reminded me that He knows what my family needs better than I do, so I decided to take that leap of faith in trusting Him once again.

   On the day that we moved, our family and friends were unstoppable in helping us get settled and renovating the house so it truly felt like our own.

     I finally had the mint blue walled bedroom that I dreamed of since I was eleven years old.  No words can describe the feelings I had as I unloaded and unpacked my belongings in my first own room.  For a moment, I asked myself again why God made me wait almost fifteen years to grant me my own room…

   I smiled, and God said to me:

It took you almost fifteen years to be grateful..” 

   Now, I can say that my first bedroom was worth the wait.  During my phase of dissatisfaction and impatience, He taught me that gratitude truly does change everything and that He loves me far too much to not give me what I need.

  I just wanted to say one last special thanks to the family and friends who helped us move, clean, paint, and transition from our old place to the new.  You made life easier for my family in so many unspeakable ways.  I also want to acknowledge my prayer hub group (you guys know who you are) who devotedly prayed for my family during the whole process of selling our old house and finding this new one.

   You guys are home to me.  Thank you for that familiar sense of comfort each one of you provide when I needed prayer or encouragement.  Your presence was always, always a safe place to crash for my weary soul.  You taught me that love is an open door, and to earnestly seek windows of opportunity to show Jesus in every situation.

   So… here we go.  Here’s the room I’ve waited and prayed for in the last fifteen years.  Thank you, Jesus. 

     So… that’s my bed. 😛  Still working on finding bed sheets and blankets that I really want.  

     Here’s my desk where I keep my pencial case, a few notebooks, my Polaroid, a few art supplies on. 🙂 

    This is my wall in which I stick meaningful quotes and Bible verses on paint chips.  

     My motivation wall.  Just some awards I’ve won over the past two years. 🙂

   My favourite part of my room. My polaroid banner. ♡ People and places that make me happy.  


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