reading: visual theology: seeking and understanding the truth about God, by Tim Challies and Josh Byers… don’t judge me… please, i am not very avid reader, but i know for sure this book is worth the read.

writing: this! aaaand, i’m also trying to find inspiration for future poems.  i am really, really, really starting to LOVE poetry.  it’s a passion i developed recently, but something about being able to express anything in a structured form of words just… satisfies me.  🙂

listening: i made a cover of a song last night with a friend… i’ve been listening to it just to make sure it’s good enough to upload on here.  man, i’m really stepping out of my comfort zone, eh? hopefully i don’t embarass myself.  #yikes

thinking: it’s my birthday tomorrow? wait, what??? i can’t be 15 yet.  no, i can’t take this in.  life’s been a wild journey, but knowing I have Jesus, wonderful family and friends, just makes living worth it.

smelling: i actually think i don’t have a sense of smell… i should remove this off my Wednesday Currently entries.

wishing: for my 15th year to be a year of God’s love and blessings evident in my life, to make lots more memories with the people i love, and make a mark on this world, somehow.

hoping: for just a wonderful time with a couple friends tomorrow! (depending if someone wants to walk all the way down to the mall… but it’s okay if you don’t 🙂 )

wearing: pink top & black shorts.

loving: THE SUN IS BACK! i’m sooo glad that the weather has cleared up for my special day.

wanting: to make my 15th year the best yet.

needing: more film for my polaroid!

feeling: grateful and excited 🙂

QUOTE OF THE MID-WEEK: “He who started a good work in you will carry it to completion.” – Phil. 1:6

I’M SORRY THAT THIS IS LATE, please forgive me!!


2 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY CURRENTLY | 03

  1. Happppppppy birthday! Thou shalt be mine muse of poetry, and hey, you’re going to have an amazing 15th year, complete with rose-colored lens and pouce. I’m going to miss you, but at least I get this little piece of you. Huzzah for blogs that break barriers and bridge distances. 😉

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