In my last Wednesday Currently post, a friend commented on how she started listening to Tatiana Manaois, one my favourite *non-mainstream* musicians.

Before I go on to revealing my playlist, I should take some time defining the term, “non-mainstream music.”  Basically, this is music that may not necessarily be played on every radio station out there or not ranked on Billboard’s Top 100.  However, this does not make the musician any less talented or the music any less entertaining to listen to.

I’ve created this new category called Musical Musings to share with y’all what I enjoy plugging my earphones into.  So, without further ado, here’s my first Playlist. 


  1. Anybody’s You – Christina Grimmie
  2. For Now – Kina Grannis
  3. Home – Reese Lansangan
  4. The View – April Nhem
  5. Weak – Daphne Khoo
  6. Just A Dream – Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie (Cover)
  7. I Don’t Know My Name – Grace VanderWaal
  8. Over You – Ingrid Michaelson
  9. Deception – Christina Grimmie
  10. Friend of Mine – Odette Quesada*

*This is an 80’s song that I discovered from my dad.  If you know that you’re not particularly a fan of oldies music, I suggest you pass it by unless you do want to hear the lyrics that attracted me to the song.  🙂

** Every one has a different taste in music.  Maybe some songs will appeal to you more than others even if I love them all.  You are more than free to have your own opinion, as long as you are respectful of whatever others enjoy.  Radiate good vibes, always. 🙂

Hope you enjoy, lovelies!! ❤ ❤


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