I know that it’s Saturday and that I should have published this entry days ago, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. 🙂

It’s been one week ever since I started this blog… in order to celebrate and officially begin a new week of more entries for me to write and more for you to read, here’s my second Wednesday Currently entry! 🙂


reading: visual theology: seeking and understanding the truth about God, by Tim Challies and Josh Byers is still a work in progress.

writing: aside from this entry, i have also been writing a blog post about my mission trip to mexico.  1300 words and counting of pure passion and complete gratitude for what God had accomplished through my team during the week we were there.

listening: loved like this – tatiana manaois.  i definitely listen to a lot of *non-mainstream* (is that even a word?) music.  there’s s much talent in some singers who never make it that far in the music industry and i do believe that somehow, their talent is overlooked.

thinking: i know that it’s the first week of july, but i already feel anxious and overwhelmed with everything that’s going to take place next school year. i’ll be on student council, i’m praying and hoping that i may be able to go on another mission trip, and it will be my first year taking pre-calculus.  i suck at math.  i really hope that math curriculum my mom ordered for me is coming real soon cause i got prepare myself for those storms real quick.

smelling: honestly nothing.  i have a terrible sense of smell…

wishing: for july 14th to come sooner.  no explanation needed.

hoping: for sunny weather on my birthday.  i’m planning just to hang out with a few friends at a local park and i’d hate to postpone or cancel it due to un-cooperative weather. 😦

wearing: plaid shirt & jeans.  honestly my go-to outfit for rainy days.

loving: slowly but surely, i have this feeling that more people have become more attracted to reading my blog.  although majority of my regular visitors are my close friends, i’m amazed how sometimes i don’t even have to send them a text or let them know that i have uploaded a new entry.  i truly feel that they just don’t read what i write just to support me as my friends, but somehow… maybe what i convey on this platform is something they enjoy reading or find inspiring.  if that’s the case, i’m truly truly grateful.  🙂  as an added bonus, my statistics say that i’m receiving views from different parts of the world besides my own country (usa, philippines, south korea, and the netherlands) it’s crazy how the internet connects us to people all over the world.  a few bloggers that i’ve never followed or heard of have been liking some of my posts, and it’s incredible visiting their blogs and taking a closer look at their life and their entries as well.  it’s only been a week but i’m so proud of the progress i’m making.  i couldn’t do it without all of your support, thank you to anyone who’s reading this.  ❤

wanting: bubble tea and belgium waffles.  i tend to get very specific cravings, and i will actually love anyone who gets me those items of food forever.  mmmm….

needing: inspiration for future blog posts!! yes, i promise, i will work on the mission trip entry as much as i can, but i’d also love to hear some of your ideas on what you would like me to write. 🙂 

feeling: happy and grateful.  🙂 🙂

QUOTE OF THE MID-WEEK: “Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.  Feed it faith.  Feed it truth.  Feed it with love.”



6 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY CURRENTLY | 02

  1. Victoria says:

    After you wrote about Tatiana Manaois, i literally went on a rampage for about an hour listening to her her music. wow, she’s GOOD. THANK YOU for introducing me to her haha.

    and you’re right, sometimes non-mainstream 😉 music is so much better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yayyy!! I have a fellow Tatiana fan now 🙂 There’s so much more non-mainstream music that I like that honestly doesn’t get enough credit….hmmm, I should blog about that!! 🙂


  2. Victoria says:

    also, some ideas for future blog posts: favourites of the week, book posts, diys

    just some suggestions, you totally don’t need to if you don’t want to. and also i’m loving this blog just sayin.

    love ya ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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