Who are you?

Who are you to say that you’re unlike the rest?

What is your role in this world?

What is your role in my life?


These are the things I ask myself

That make me feel anxious and restless

With the amount of trouble in my mind

There are times that my heart begins to hurt


Some say that you’re not the one that deserves me

To them, it looks like I love myself enough

Therefore, I should be careful

But who are they to dictate who’s worthy?


I ask myself if I truly do love you 

But my mind and heart continue to fight


There are times that I am confused

Because I do not know what is true

I never planned to fall in love with you

I do not know if it is right to follow my heart


Did you know that you are hard to read?

That’s why you are hard to love

I fear that you won’t be able to catch me

But it’s alright as long as you promise not to hurt me


I tried to hide my feelings

But my heart knows what’s really inside

For now I don’t know if it’s right to tell you

I’m just waiting for the right time of my heart


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