I know that a blog entry like this may be a little strange especially for a first post, but to ease myself into blogging, I thought of doing something interesting, especially that “hump day” can always seem a little sluggish compared to the rest of the week.  So, here’s a basic breakdown to what I’ve been up to lately.


reading: visual theology: seeking and understanding the truth about God, by Tim Challies and Josh Byers.  my seventh grade teacher, who i still have the pleasure of conversing with whenever we’re both free, was thoughtful enough to purchase a book for me from a convention he attended recently.  i’ve been a Christian all my life and have developed this inexplicable love to know God more and more especially this year after i went on my first mission trip to San Quintin, Mexico.  i’ll be sure to write an entry about that. 🙂 it’s been great having something to read that helps me understand what i believe and why.

writing: this blog post!  no duh… anywho, i’ve written down a summer bucket list in the notebook you can see in the photo attached.  i’ll be sure to share what i’m up to during the summer break on this platform as well.  aaand, i recently found a document in which i wrote down some poems.  i’m thinking of getting back to poetry especially now, while i have the time. 🙂

listening: the stillness of wind brushing against my window.  it’s a tranquil and serene sound that i can take for granted.  i’ve also hit replay quite a few times on adele’s album 25 and ariana grande’s album, dangerous woman.  i’ve never really been a huge fan of ariana before, but i think this album might make me change my mind…

thinking: how much i love my freshly painted mint blue bedroom walls.  how much i’m concerned about making sure i’m truly compatible with someone i’m dying to have a closer, deeper, and stronger friendship with.  how excited i am to see myself writing more entries for this blog. 😛

smelling:  very faint paint fumes.

wishing: for a polaroid camera.  i can’t wait to put up pictures of my friends, places, and things i love in my new bedroom.  🙂 and if i could be with my all my closest friends at the beach right now, that would be great.

hoping: for July 14th to come quick! time sure does go by fast, but when you’re waiting for your date of birth to come around, turning a year older seems like a slow process.  not that i know how i’m going to celebrate my birthday, but realizing God is giving me another year to experience his goodness is exciting, nevertheless. 🙂

wearing: a black and white striped muscle tank and denim shorts.  i actually haven’t left the house in two days, but this outfit somehow feels a lot more functional than pjs.

loving: the fact that it’s summer!! after 10 months of continuous stress, i think that i’ve deserved this nice long 2 and a half month break.  i can’t wait to catch up on all the sleep i’ve lost this entire school year, hopefully get a summer job, and accomplish everything on my bucket list!

wanting: answers.  there are so many things that i’ve been uncertain of lately, and these are things that i just can’t type up on a blog or other type of public domain.  i admit that i’m confused, hurt, and even a little angry with some things that have happened lately.  i guess that God is using these difficult times to teach me to let go of the need to always feel sure about everything that goes on around me, and to trust His heart and plans instead.

needing: more time to spend with my friends.

feeling: happy, tired, and content.  the sun always has a way of putting me into a good mood, and i couldn’t be happier to just be alive, healthy, and having friends and family that love me.


“Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something.”


That’s that.  Hope y’all have a good rest of your week, and I’ll be uploading entries like this every Wednesday. 🙂






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