Have I always been this indecisive mess?

Fearing failure, afraid to take the next step

I just wish someone would tell me where to start

Instead of waiting for the time I can take the caution tape off my heart


I want to know my true value to you

But I’m afraid to know the truth

I know I don’t want to fall for someone like you

But what can I do

When deep down inside, I know that I choose you


© Ainah Enduma



6 thoughts on “IDEA OF YOU

  1. OnlyAinah says:


    There may be many difficulties you are facing and many things you want to get rid of / more like not think of…but you know it is hard to do that without putting your whole effort into it. I faced many of that but hey… You know what to do… God will help you so always seek for him as he is waiting for you. I truly truly like your entries… best!

    Liked by 1 person

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