i’ve always believed that the chances of you falling for me were impossible

that it’s improbable for me to deserve someone like you

i used to think that you would never see anything worth loving in me

but in my doubts, i know that hoping and dreaming isn’t such a bad thing

time and experience have altered my perspective

hysterical, in my madness, maybe one day i’ll believe

that fate and destiny are one in the same

and i hope that glimmer of hope, one day, leads

to the reality of you and me. 

© Ainah Enduma



  1. Victoria says:

    ughhh this is sooo good – you have a serious talent for poetry and beautiful writing. i’m honestly so excited to see what you write in the future cause itll be so goood. and also im sliiightly jealous cause i cant write like this AT ALL haha. ily mwah :*

    Liked by 1 person

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