I’ve tried owning blogs before, and I’ve been a WordPress user ever since I was 10 years old… (I know, what kind of 10 year old runs a blog?? Don’t blame me, I was home schooled in the fifth grade…) I would ecstatically update my blog often for two or three days after I created it, then sooner or later, I’d abandon the blog without a care.

As I’ve decided to give blogging another try, and my joy and passion to do so has returned, it dawned on me that I’m not any different in other aspects of my life.  I need motivation.  I want reassurance, knowing that there’s people out there who recognize my efforts in what I do – whether it would be blogging, school, or just doing chores at home.  I want to feel appreciated, but then again, doesn’t everyone?

Again, I created this blog to document my experiences, thoughts, and feelings.  I know that I’m a very sentimental and nostalgic person that holds on to anything that makes me feel glad that I’m alive.  But on a negative note, I know that not everyone is going to capture how I feel especially if I don’t express my emotions in a way they don’t understand.  I know that my words are probably what best convey my feelings.

So this is a blog entry dedicated to one of my closest friends that motivates, appreciates, and reassures me.  She’s not just an extremely loyal companion, but an avid reader, so Victoria was the first friend that crossed my mind when I thought of sharing the news with my friends that I’ll be handling a blog.  Spamming me with texts describing how glad she was that I’ve created this blog and commenting on every single one of my entries as if she didn’t encourage me enough, I caught her kindness by surprise.

It wasn’t her commenting on my entries or texting me about how much she loved everything I wrote that made me want to write a whole post about her.  It was remembering how she encouraged me through parts of the darkest times of my life and helped me to believe in my potential even if I didn’t get immediate results.  Whether times were good or bad, she was always by my side.  I know that, I, in turn, don’t acknowledge Victoria as much as I should for all she does.


You’ve inspired me to get back to doing something I love.  It turns out that I love blogging because I love you.  You’ve made me one very happy blogger.  Thank you very much. 



  1. Victoria says:

    AGHHHH ILYSM!!! ❤ i literally don't even know how to respond to such a heartfelt and amazing post like that….bc it was too perfect and i just cant write as good as that lol.

    aww ainah i literally love you so much and i'm so glad that you started this blog, bc it totally truly represents you and it's just so awesome to see you pour the creativity i always knew you had into writing form. and also it's just so fun to read…like every single post is so interesting! im so excited for poems, summer entries, pics, food and art posts, and more that i know i'll love. I'm genuinely so excited for all of it…so you better not quit this thing ahah:P

    LOL you had a blog when you were five that's the best thing ive ever heard of ughh ily ahah ❤

    wow. i can't believe you made a post about lil' ol me. hehe
    thanks mwahhhhh :* #youdabest
    and i'll always be here 🙂

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